Name and surname of authors without titles

Name of the author’s / authors‘ workplace

Summary: brief content of the paper, in the case of a research study follow a structured summary:

Starting points:

File and methods:

The results:



The results:


Summary: brief content of the paper in English


Formal text editing:


A) Research contribution


Introduction (starting points of the solved problem)

File and methods

The results



Recommendations for practice



B) Review contribution


Introduction (starting points of the solved problem)

Problem analysis




In the list of used literature:

  • list professional and current literature not older than 10 years,
  • in the text of the article to include references to the cited literature in the form: Nováková (2020, p. 35). (Nováková, 2020, p. 35),
  • respect ISO standard 690,
  • list only literary sources cited in the text,
  • sort literary sources in alphabetical order without serial number,
  • use only authorized pages in full citation when providing links to electronic resources.


Author’s address / Author’s addresses:

Name, surname of the author (s) (including titles)

Full postal address of the workplace

Email address

Post scope:

Up to 10 pages including tables, graphs and pictures.


  • type Times New Roman,
  • size 12,
  • line spacing 1.5,
  • do not use underlined fonts, italic fonts, combinations of bold and italic fonts, capital letters,
  • use bold (bold) exclusively to indicate the names of the main components,
  • do not indent the text on the left,
  • do not use spaces before and after the text (set to 0),
  • use uniform indents throughout the text (most appropriate -),
  • number the table chronologically in the form: Tab. 1 Name of the table (place the label above the table),
  • number the graphs chronologically in the form: Graph 1 Name of the graph (place the mark below the graph),
  • number the pictures chronologically in the form: Fig. 1 Name of the image (mark below the table),
  • use either a table or a graph to interpret a single result.


Samples of cited literary sources:

Books / Monographs

Šupínová, M. 2017. Nursing care of a child in the community. Banská Bystrica: DALLI-BB. 213 s. ISBN 978-80-8141-158-8.

Janíková, J., Zelníková, R. 2013. Nursing care in surgery. Prague: Grada Publishing. 256 s. ISBN 978-80-249-4412-4.

Article in the magazine

Lepiešová M., Tomagová, M. Experience of nurses with in-patient aggressoin in the Slovak Republic. In Cent Eur J Nurs Midw 15; 6 (3): 306-312.PMID: 14722043 DOI: /2015/03/06.pdf

Article from the proceedings and monographs

Lauková J. 2016. Colorectal cancer screening – public view. Zvolen: TU in Zvolen. 84 s. ISBN 978-80-228-2843-7.